Atkins Diet: The Delicious Low-carbohydrate Diet

One might probably learned about this low-carbohydrate diet from an infomercial, in a magazine ad, from someone you met while falling in line in the supermarket or from a friend who excitedly rang you up to tell about a good news.

The popularity of the Atkins Diet soared as more and more people claimed by its effectiveness to make the dieter lose weight. American physician and cardiologist and noted nutritionist, Robert Coleman Atkins (1930-2003) was the person behind this diet that focuses on low carbohydrate intake. Dr. Atkins believed that consuming too many carbohydrates tend to make a person bloat and become overweight. He stressed that people should eat foods that are rich in fats and protein than foods that are abundant in carbohydrates since the stored fats can be burned more well by the body if done so.

This low-carbohydrate diet by the late Dr. Atkins continues to gain recognition since it claims to:

make one lose weight while enjoying tasty meals such as cheese omelets and bacon and eggs improve the condition of the heart improve one’s memory.

Those who follow the Atkins Diet will get their source of energy not from carbohydrates but from the stored fats in their body, and since the body will eventually burn these fats the person will now lose weight. Still, in a day the dieter can consume foods rich in carbohydrates but not more than 40 grams of it. It is also recommended that the dieter take vitamins as supplement, and although exercise isn’t an option, it might do well for some.

This popular low-carbohydrate diet might just be the one type of diet you have been waiting for, especially if you are not keen on those diets that deprive you of eating some delicious meals. For those who might want to try the Atkins Diet, there are plenty of helpful information available at Diet Fads.

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